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High Performance Liquid Chromatography has found its application in a wide range of disciplines. In fact, this advanced scientific technique is also utilized by various industries such as food & beverages for complete quality assurance. In order to run an HPLC instrument seamlessly, its spare parts needs to be maintained & changed on a periodic basis. This is where CTSHPLC, a leading supplier of HPLC parts, comes into picture. The Company stocks different HPLC accessories for different HPLC manufacturers. One can get world class HPLC parts from CTSHPLC at affordable rates and with appropriate warranty.

CTSHPLC was established in the year1985 by Steve Harris, who had unmatched expertise in servicing HPLC instruments. The Company, now, delivers exceptional quality HPLC repair parts which are equivalent to the corresponding OEM part. The Waters HPLC parts provided by CTSHPLC are used by scientists across the globe in different areas. These spare parts are thoroughly tested on various parameters to ensure the best performance under different working conditions. Besides this, the Company also delivers Agilent HPLC and Thermo HPLC spare parts depending on your needs and requirements.

Some of the Shimadzu HPLC components supplied by CTSHPLC include autosampler, pump and HPLC lamps. These spare parts surpass international quality standards and allow you to conduct on-going research in a hassle-free manner. With the help of Hitachi HPLC parts, you can get the best scientific results with utmost accuracy in a very short span of time. The components supplied by CTSHPLC help you analyze samples in the most convenient and seamless manner. Among the Hitachi HPLC components supplied include autosampler and pumps.

Apart from offering these products, CTSHPLC also delivers top-class Perkin Elmer HPLC components which include kits, lamps, pumps etc. The Company offers complete technical assistance in buying the best HPLC spare part, so that your research continues uninterrupted. In case you use a Jasco HPLC and are looking for a high-quality spare part for your instrument, search no further than CTSHPLC. It stocks an adequate quantity of spare parts of Jasco hplc instruments. These days, Beckman HPLC instruments are widely used in advanced scientific research for analyzing complex chemical compounds. If you are facing any kind of problems in using your HPLC equipment, the experts at CTSHPLC can be there at your service. They deliver world class HPLC components for Beckman HPLC instruments.

At CTSHPLC, you will find a team of experienced scientists who have detailed understanding about how an HPLC instrument works including their components such as autosampler, lamps, pumps, columns etc. These researchers will help you buy the best Gilson HPLC or Rheodyne HPLC component that best meets your requirements. Go for high-quality HPLC spare parts from CTSHPLC and get the best results for your research!